Sunday, July 7, 2013

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In Case You Missed It... 7-7-2013

* The massive amount of stupid I can cram into 140 characters is downright disturbing and somewhat awe inspiring at the same time.

* Just saw a homeless dude with a sign reading "Hungry Hungry Hobo." I know… I know… I shouldn't laugh, but…

* They say milk is good for your teeth. Know what ELSE is good for your teeth? Minding your own dang business.

* Lamp. Clock. Secret Cookie Drawer. OWN's ('Ol Weird Nancy's) Napping Face. OWN's ('Ol Weird Nancy's) Mad Face. (I got a labelmaker on eBay).

* So do people who say "Exercising helps me relax" know about NOT exercising?

* A surprise Vulcan sex move called the Spocker.

* I just answered my door three times due to a woodpecker on my house…

* I try to watch what I eat but, my eyes usually aren't fast enough.

* It never fails; I wash my truck, and the very next day, I hit a pedestrian.

* I wish losing weight was as easy as losing my mind...

* Soooo... the Green Flag hasn't even dropped at Daytona and I'm already excited about "the BIG one" that is sure to come.

* Take this as you will coming from me... but it AMAZES me what some people leave the house wearing. And thinkin' they look GOOD...

* I had a Fan stop by the table and tell me how much he enjoyed my humor. No... REALLY. I gave him two aspirins and told him to call his Doc.

* Just a ThOmservation here... if you already weigh 450 pounds, I'm thinkin' the sugar-roasted pecans might not be your best choice.

* Yes... with a mic and soundtrack, you TOO can be a gospel singer.

* War vets with prosthetic limbs are running marathons and I'm busy trying to lasso the TV remote with my phone charger cord.

* My favorite heroes are the ones who just do what everybody else should be doing.

* Obama take note... Egypt's military took less than a day.

* Except for the horses & the high school marching band, these small town parades look remarkably like traffic.

* You can tell a man's age by how close his socks are to his knees.



Started my day as I start every day, googling my own name -- and look what I turn up -- one of the great (and apparently unsung) wits of our day. Thom, you are a treasure -- and I say that with as much sincere admiration as any Eastern suburban liberal ever accorded a good ol' boy. How do you stay hidden? I don't blog any more, but I still tweet occasionally, and I'm going to try to steer a few looks your way. Folks are going to be in for a delightful surprise. Smiles, rb.

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