Saturday, January 23, 2010

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eBay Treasures

I like to scan things listed on eBay. I like eBay. I have bought WAY too much stuff on there. And I like to sell stuff on there, too. I could probably be happy just listing stuff and buying it back. Wait... that is a great idea. I'll be right back. I need to write that down before I forget it.

OK... where was I?

Anyway, so today I was scanning stuff on eBay. And I don't just look at normal, everyday items. I try to find off-the-wall stuff. I know... I know... that completely shocks you about me. But today's topic was "Funeral Items."

So I'm looking... and I'm looking... and I come across a "Green, Eco-Friendly Casket" for $800.00. I see a lot of possibilities for discussion here. First off, if I'm THAT worried about the ecology, just get cremated. That is my choice anyway... cheaper, easier, no-muss, no-fuss. But that being said, I'm not paying $800.00 for a box. And that is about what it was... a cardboard box. Maybe I could start doing that... I could go down to the appliance store and get the refrigerator boxes and sell them on eBay. But MINE will only be $799.00. Plus the customary shipping and handling fee, of course.


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